Events / Speaking Engagements

Daniel Contributes to the new Berklee Online Film Scoring Master’s Degree Program

Daniel was recently asked to contribute to the new Berklee Online Film Scoring Master’s Degree in providing insight to his creative process. The subjects that he covers are Musical Approach, Tempo and Rythmn. Associate Professor of Film Scoring at Berklee, Tim Huling invited Daniel to contribute to this amazing new course. There are many other well known composers contributing. For anyone interested in the course, please check out the link below. 


"Daniel Interviewed with 7 other composers on new Masterminds CSGO Music Kit"
Daniel was recently interviewed with 7 other composers on his work for CSGO. Daniel spoke about composing for "Eye of the Dragon," his latest music kit for CSGO and Valve Software. The panel was narrated by Austin Wintory. Check the link out here.


"Daniel Speaks at the Colombo Comic Expo"

Daniel recently spoke at a Comic Expo in Sri Lanka about music composition, eSports, video games and technology. In his own words,"It's great talking to people from all around the world about music and games and where technology is headed. A strong passion for games and music brings so many people together on such a global scale. I think eSports will continue to grow and will continue to provide many opportunities for content creators such as music composers and artists." Please visit for more information.


"Daniel Interviewed at Behind The Audio"
Daniel was recently featured on Behind The Audio for his music on "Bloody Zombies." In his own words "I hope you enjoy the article and congrats to Paw Print Games and NDreams as well for making a really cool modern / slightly retro video game. Thank you to Behind The Audio for having an awesome website that features composers and music producers for games and films. It was great to talk about my work on the game." Please click here for the interview.
Blogging on Gamasutra
Daniel recently wrote a Featured Blog on Gamasutra about "Having your own Musical Voice" when composing music. Please click here to check it out.


"Daniel speaks at "Grammy Pro" Event"
Daniel recently spoke on the panel, "Building Music For Video Games" at the Grammy Pro Event on April 2nd, 2016. Daniel spoke along side Steve Schnur (EA Games), Marty O'Donnell(Composer for Halo and Destiny), and Howard Mostrom (Audio Director at Uber Entertainment). The event was moderated by David Sabee (Conducter/Producer: The Revanant, Selma, Halo, Destiny). Please click here for more information.
They discussed many topics ranging from Virtual Reality to dealing with tight deadlines to many other video game music issues.