“As a creative mind, I’m always challenging myself to try new and interesting things. With music, there is an endless array of sounds, textures, tools and techniques that can be combined in many different ways. This is the joy that I find as a composer: every day is a new adventure for discovery.”  ~ Daniel Sadowski

The Story:

Daniel Sadowski is a music composer for film, television and video games. He is passionate about creating emotional, powerful, and relevant music. In his words, “It is the goal of the composer to communicate the true essence of the project that they are working on. A successful score both translates and enhances the heart and pulse of any medium to the audience.”

Daniel has composed music for major companies such as Lionsgate, Valve Software, Yoozoo Games, SK Films, Activision, Digital Crossing, Mechanist Games, DreamWorks, nDreams, Warner Brothers, Namco Bandai, Falcon's Treehouse, Neo-Pangea, Avalon Studios, Elex Technology, Positech Games, Square Enix, Atari, Maticco, THQ, Paw Print Games, UPS, Sony, 2K Games, Wayforward, 505 Games, Big Ben Interactive, Neopica, Naked Sky Entertainment, David Gould Film Studios, The Dubai International Film Festival, Iron Galaxy Studios, Level One Games and more. Daniel studied music at Western Washington University and is an alumni of the Pacific Northwest Film Program. He has worked with the likes of Hummie Mann (Robin Hood Men In Tights, Year of the Comet), and he has received praise from the likes of Angelo Badalamenti (Dark Water, Twin Peaks, Indigo Prophecy).

Daniel has composed for many diverse projects, ranging from dark science fiction to adventure and fantasy and everything else in between (view his list of credits) Daniel comes from the next generation of music composers who utilize any and every tool to complete the job. From the use of the orchestra to modern synthesizer programming, Daniel enjoys the vast possibilities of what music creation can be.

In his own words, “Orchestral, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Classical, Pop, Alternative, Techno, World, Electronica – I truly appreciate all different types of music. The more that I can tap into the river of creativity that stems from a variety of my influences, the more the music will shine in its own unique way.” “As a professional composer, I am hired to create music that perfectly fits my client’s projects, is truly unique, and pushes the boundaries of where music and sound is headed.”

Daniel currently resides in Olympia Washington and is a voting member of the Recording Academy (Grammy Awards).