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Welcome to the official website of music composer and producer Daniel Sadowski.

Daniel is known for composing the music scores for video games such as Dota 2, Heroes of Skyrealm, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Man of Steel, Crimson Saga: Dragonore, A Boy and His Blob, DreamWorks Megamind, Pac-Man, City of Steam, Stasis, Gratuitous Space Battles 1 and 2, Dusty Revenge, How To Survive, and many more titles. Daniel also works within Film and TV and has composed for unique projects such as Awaken, the multiple Award Winning short film, the new IMAX Film, 'Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation' and the feature film, 'The Cure' from David Gould Studios. Whether it’s working with a full size orchestra and choir, or writing a synthesized score, Daniel truly appreciates the unique challenges of composing for each project. Daniel has received multiple awards and nominations including the "GDC Excellence in Audio Award" and the "Action On Film International Film Festival Award Nomination" for best Soundtrack. Daniel also produces and writes music for recording artists and he is a voting member of the Recording Academy (Grammy Awards). Some of his clients include Lionsgate, Valve Software, Yoozoo Games, SK Films, Digital Crossing, Mechanist Games, DreamWorks, nDreams, Warner Brothers, Namco Bandai, Falcon's Treehouse, Neo-Pangea, Avalon Studios, Elex Technology, Positech Games, Square Enix, Atari, THQ, Paw Print Games, UPS, Sony, 2K Games, Wayforward, 505 Games, Big Ben Interactive, Neopica, Naked Sky Entertainment, David Gould Film Studios, The Dubai International Film Festival, Iron Galaxy Studios, Level One Games and more.

Latest News

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Daniel Composes for "Arafinn - Return to Nangrin"

Daniel is composing for a new VR Game called "Arafinn - Return to Nangrim." Coming Soon to all VR Devices. In Daniel's words, "I am very excited to team up with Sycoforge, to help tell an Epic story through my music. The design and art is very inspirational, and it's great to be a part of this amazing Action-Adventure game."


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Daniel composes a new Dota 2 Music Score called "Elemental Fury."

Daniel completes a new Dota 2 Music Score called "Elemental Fury." The new Music is now available within the game and within the Dota 2 Store. Elemental Fury is a unique mix of electronic, techno, orchestral, beats, synthesizers and processed vocals. "It was great composing music for Dota 2. After the success and popularity of "Heroes Within" I knew I had to follow it up with something unique and powerful. The world and characters within Dota 2 are very colorful and unique, so the music that becomes part of the Dota 2 world should be interesting and powerful." Daniel's last music pack "Heroes Within," went on to became one of the most popular and in demand music packs for Dota 2.

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Daniel Composes for new 'IMAX' Film, "Volcanoes, The Fires of Creation"

Daniel is currently composing for the new IMAX Film called "Volcanoes, The Fires of Creation." SK Films and Digital Crossing Productions have hired Daniel to compose for the 45 minute IMAX and Big Screen film. Daniel is working with Award Winning Director and Producer, Michael-Dalton Smith.  In Daniel's words, "When I first watched some of the HD IMAX footage, I was blown away by the most powerful and beautiful Volcanos from around the world. I am very excited to team up with Michael in helping bring his vision to IMAX Theaters everywhere. The images explode off of the IMAX screen and are very inspirational for me in creating a truly amazing score."




Making the music for "Heroes Of Skyrealm"

Daniel recently composed over two hours of music for  "Heroes of Skyrealm" a new Action-RPG from Mechanist Games. Daniel recorded with an 80 piece orchestra and choir known as the Northwest Sinfonia and Chorale (  "Heroes of Skyrealm" will be out for Mobile, XBOX ONE, PS4 and other formats in 2016. Click here to check out the trailer that Daniel Scored for the game.  For an exclusive "3-Part" behind the scenes look at the making of the music, click the following video links.    'Part 1-Composing'  'Part 2-Recording the Orchestra'  'Part 3-Mixing & Mastering' Click here to listen to the music score. Click here for the official Facebook page. "Album Now Available In All Digital Stores."

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Daniel composes for new VR title, "Bloody Zombies" for the HTC Vive, Playstation VR and Oculus.

Daniel recently composed for a new VR Action Game called "Bloody Zombies." The game is now out for all of the VR Systems including HTC Vive, Oculus, PlayStation VR and Gear VR. "I am very excited to compose for new technology which always inspires new ways of composing music. VR is at the cutting edge of the newest gameplay and audio. It's great to be part of the latest technology especially because VR feels so fresh and unique, and this is very inspiring for music as well. The new action game will be coming from developer "Paw Print Games" and nDreams the publisher of some of the best VR titles including The Assembly. Make sure to check out some of the music right here. Soundtrack can be purchased here  ---> Google Play - iTunes - Amazon


Daniel Composes for new Action/Adventure/Thriller called "Stolen Senses"

Daniel recently finished a new film project called “Stolen Senses.” The project is being directed by David Gould and it is an sci-fi/action thriller. In Daniel's words: "We had an great spotting session and I'm very excited to be working on a score that is very modern sounding with synths, drones, some mangled guitar elements, and other sound design effects.” Please Stay tuned for more news! IMDB Link.

Crimson saga dragonore closed beta

Daniel Composes for Yoozoo Games - Crimson Saga: Dragonore

Yoozoo Games (Formerly Youzu Interactive) hired Daniel to compose the music score for their new game called "Crimson Saga: Dragonore." The game is one of Yoozoo's first games to be developed strictly for the Western and European markets in mind. In Daniel's words, "The colorful graphics, and sense of adventure inspired me to come up with some truly Epic, yet unique music for their new game."  Please visit


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Daniel composes the music to the prequel for 'Stasis" the Award Winning Sci-Fi Game

Daniel recently completed scoring more music for the Stasis Universe. Daniel wrote music for "Cayne" which is a prequel to the original "Stasis" game. Taking control, the player explores and interacts with the environment, uses and combines items that are found to progress deeper into the world. CAYNE is set in the STASIS universe and sets out to tell an original short story in the STASIS series.” Stasis picked up multiple awards for  "Adventure Game Of The Year" - Stasis - (, "Best Adventure" - Stasis - Global Game Awards, and "Best Horror" - Stasis - Global Game Awards. Please visit for more info.


A Boy and his Blob Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Vita

A Boy and his Blob will be returning in HD for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Vita. Please click here to listen to Daniel's music score for the game. Click here for the official trailer.


Daniel composes for “Stasis,” a new Sci-Fi Game.

Daniel writes music for  “Stasis” a new Sc-Fi adventure game now out for PC. Click here for a detailed NAG magazine article on the game. Click here for the official Facebook page. "Stasis wins 'Readers Choice' Best Music Award and "Best Adventure Game of the Year" Beating SOMA and Broken Age!


Daniel Composes for 'Pac-Man Bounce' for BANDAI NAMCO

To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Pac-Man, Daniel was hired to compose music for BANDAI NAMCO's new "Pac-Man Bounce" video game. Please visit BANDAI NAMCO's website for more information:


Counter-Strike Music for Valve Software

Daniel Sadowski recently released 2 new music kits for Valve’s first-person shooter. The latest music scores are called “Total Domination” and "The 8-Bit Kit." Both have already become favorites within the Counter-Strike community. “Total Domination” mixes aggressive electronic beats, a throwback vibe, creative sound fx and an exhilarating, driving, futuristic sound. "The 8-Bit Kit" brings back the retro 8-Bit vibe and injects it into the world of Counter-Strike. Please look for Daniel’s music in the game.


How To Survive 2 from 505 Games & Eko Software

"How To Survive 2," the sequel to the zombie action game has recently been released. Look for Daniel's music in the game. Please click here for the release trailer.


Daniel composes for Stormthrone, a new Fantasy based MMO

Daniel recently composed over 80 minutes of music for “Stormthrone” a new fantasy based MMO. Daniel recorded with the “Northwest Sinfonia and Chorale.” ( Please visit for more information.


Exciting New Projects

Daniel is currently working on a handful of different projects. One includes 90 minutes of music for a new PS4 / XBOX ONE / PC Game. Stay tuned!

Music Clips
  1. 1 IMAX Film - Volcanoes Opening 02:02
  2. 2 Dota 2 - Main Theme - Team of Shadows 02:04
  3. 3 Dark Quantum 02:03
  4. 4 Time Assassins 02:34
  5. 5 The Darkness 01:03
  6. 6 IMAX Film - Volcanoes - Truth Seeker 02:13
  7. 7 Legend Immortal 02:06
  8. 8 Twilight Summit 02:48
  9. 9 Midnight Chaser 01:44
  10. 10 Retro-Cubes 01:30
  11. 11 Lost Shadows 00:59
  12. 12 Turbo Button Masher (Bonus Early Version) 01:38
  13. 13 Altered Frequency 01:45
  14. 14 A Story of Ascent 01:11
  15. 15 Timeless 01:07
  16. 16 Stormthrone 03:19
  17. 17 Ion Collision 01:39
  18. 18 A Mystery Below 01:30
  19. 19 Annihilation Time 01:28
  20. 20 Winter's Eye 01:16
  21. 21 The Satellite Wars 01:49
  22. 22 The Outlands 02:44
  23. 23 Mission Execute 01:45
  24. 24 The Core Between 01:25
  25. 25 Eye of the Dragon (Sneak Preview) 02:43
  26. 26 Almost Human 02:31
  27. 27 Circle from the Wind 01:03
  28. 28 The Final Climb 01:31
  29. 29 Total Domination 02:31
  30. 30 The Hive 02:05
  31. 31 Thermal Convoy 02:39
  32. 32 One With Nature 01:06
  33. 33 Dark Chaser 02:43
  34. 34 Time To Fly 00:34
  35. 35 Fiery Abyss 01:36
  36. 36 What the Future Holds 01:03
  37. 37 The Hunted 02:54
  38. 38 Cloud Island 02:21
  39. 39 No More Lies 01:11
  40. 40 I Remember 01:34
  41. 41 The Bird Dance 01:03
  42. 42 I See a Future 01:40
  43. 43 The Diary Within 02:17
Final 12

New Dota 2 Music coming soon from Daniel Sadowski.

Check out the video below for a sneak peek!

Heroes of skyrealm destacada
- Behind the Scenes -
- The Making of the Music -
-& Trailer-
- Videos Below -


"Bloody Zombies - Retro Soundtrack" - Links --->   iTunes - Amazon - Google Play

Bloody zombies

- Daniel composes for Stasis -
- Cayne Prequel coming soon -
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Purchase Daniel's Dota 2 'Heroes Within' music in the Dota 2 Store: Link
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Look for Daniel's "Eye of the Dragon" Music coming to Counter-Strike soon!
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"Elemental Fury" Music Pack - Purchase now in the Dota 2 Store.

Soldier of steel

'Heroes of Skyrealm' Soundtrack - Click Here.
Album now available in all Digital Stores.

Album now available in all Digital Stores.

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